Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Rockin' Song of the Week No.72 - Keith Loren – Born To Ramble

Keith Loren – Born To Ramble
Mark IVB 8800

For the umpteenth time I’m writing about a song with the intro, “I don’t know much about this guy”. I think that’s the fun of our music though, the mystery artist on a two-bit label. When I used to read those Charley 10” covers, I’d glean any bit of info I could from Ding Dong and take it all in. But there was something fascinating about the missing info, it gave you a chance to dream up who the guy was on guitar, or where the singer had come from and gone back to. Anyway, Keith loren on Mark IV records. It seems that Born To Ramble was the only single for both parties, which is a shame as I think it’s a great bit of rock ‘n’ roll. It’s got a full sound and is the early 60’s Elvis mode. It’s on Nasty Rockabilly Volume 1, but to be honest there’s nothing nasty about it. I’m not even sure there’s much rockabilly about it either, this is rock ‘n’ roll with a great groove. The picture is from the 18th Sep 1961issue of Billboard, which looks at the other side.


Katie said...

HI. I am the grandaughter of Keith Loren..aka Harold Glass. He actually has 3 more songs. If you YouTube his name there is another called Summer Lovin'. Thank you for posting such positive feedback.

Terry Holley said...

Harold Glass, aka Keith Loren, was my uncle. He actually had 2 45s. One was never distributed to the public. The songs were "I'm not free" and "This drink in my hand.". I have a copy of it. He spent alot of time with my family in Tenneaaee. Every night he would get his guitar out and sing. My mom, his sister, would harmonize with him. So many wonderful memories.

Kevin Holley said...

He was amazing. I would listen to him for hours. He would play in the. Rocking chair. I want those days back so badly