Sunday, 6 September 2009

Whose Gonna Fill These Shoes

Every time I see Jerry Lee live I always wonder if it will be the last time. The sadness I feel when he shuffles off stage isn't so much because the show is over, but for the reality that this could be it - the final look. Well today I got to say farewell to my cricketing hero and although it was sad, it felt good to be able to say adios properly. Twelve months after announcing his retirement, Graeme Hick returned to Worcester today to play in Ben Smith's testimonial. I can't tell you how many times I've seen him score a hundred, and today he added one more. Amongst his 107 he thumped one into the ladies pavillion, hit one over square leg out of the ground and then hit a massive one straight back over the bowlers head, over the big stand and into downtown Worcester. What a legend. When he took the final walk back from the middle there was a standing ovation - time for him to soak up the New Road admiration one last time.

My Graeme Hick playlist.

1. Whose Gonna Fill These Shoes
2. Saturday Night In Hickman County
3. Batman
4. Swing Batter Swing
5. Git It

1 comment:

flip54 said...

Tons for England & Wales CB ?
Ashes won ?
No wonder Athers declared when Hick was crawling to a rare England ton --------

Seriously, the old "flat track bully was a great batsman", saw the biggest 6 ever (in Abergavenny),probably still in orbit

Mind you he`s aging badly and why is yer pop giving Hicky an autograph???

Herr Flick