Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Mario Bradley – My Search (Fury Records)

Mario Bradley – My Search (Fury Records)

Tracklist: 1.My search 2.Breakout 3.Love cats 4.Cherokee dance

Mario Bradley turned solo a couple of years ago after making his name on the UK rockabilly scene with The Marvels, The Blue Ridge Mountain Boys and The Bootleggers. Since going alone he has expanded his fan base with two albums that have included a couple of dance floor favourites. This latest release is on Fury Records and is a four track EP with three covers and one original. The album was recorded at his own studio, and for the most part, all the instruments are played by Bradley.

The opener is a stompin’ blues version of Ben Hewitt’s My Search, with Hilltop Curtis’ harmonica giving it a great Hot Boogie Chillen sound. I’ll eat my hat if this doesn’t become a deejay favourite. It’s the cutting edge rockabilly sound that the scene loves at the moment. Breakout is an original rocker with heavily amplified vocals and a relentless beat that just won’t quit.

The cover of the Cure’s Love Cats is unrecognisable from the original. It’s great fun and is ‘80s rockabilly – there’s no hint of new romantic shit here, this is slap bass rockabilly as we know and love it. The EP is rounded off with a brilliant cover of Bob Landers’ Cherokee Dance. I quite like the original but the meat on this version makes it so much better. I’m not sure purists will agree, but for me this is one of those occasions when the modern cover leaves the original in the shade. Jack Rabbit Slims’ Paul Saunders lays down a great drum beat and with the Indian chants and rumbling guitar I’m tempted to sell the cottage and get a wigwam. A superb way to end a fantastic EP.

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