Friday, 25 September 2009

Smalltown Casanovas - A Little Guitar Ride

Smalltown Casanovas - A Little Guitar Ride
Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5685

Tracklist: Doin' All Right, Cold Cold Woman, I'll Try, Put Me Down, Showdown, Charade, So Glad You're Mine, Hambone, Say When, Turn Me Loose, Caveman, Untrue Unfaithful, Graduation Day

This is the debut album by 4-piece rockabilly band, the Smalltown Casanovas. They come from Germany where they formed in 2007 Three of the band were formally with Plan 9 From Outer Space with the front man coming from Saints & Sinners.

The set is a fine mix styles with rockabilly being at the fore. They kick off with a good cover of Eddie Cash’s much loved Memphis classic, Doin’ All Right. Other’s of that ilk include Benny Joy’s Cold Cold Woman, Conway Twitty’s I’ll Try and the Killer’s Put Me Down. The Carl perkins covers are less obvious than most bands choose, and they are rewarded with fine versions of Hambone and Say When. They close this fine release with a great version of Chris Isaak’s Graduation Day.

Watch the band play As Long As I Live at the 2009 Rockabilly Rave.

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